Free Classes are offered in Southern California; Beaumont, Carlsbad, Corona (currently on hiatus), Fallbrook, Huntington Beach, Murrieta and San Juan Capistrano.  Go to for details. 
Originally formed in 2008 at Faith Armory, the Temecula class was the first manifestation of Doug's efforts to educate the public of the original intent of the United States Constitution.  The class moved from Faith Armory to the Riverside County GOP Headquarters in August of 2018, and to Murrieta in January of 2021.  The class handouts are available online ( and have also been put together in a book form.  Purchase of the book, The Basic Constitution, is typically available at the class, or online
Douglas V. Gibbs, in addition to being an author of seven books (six specifically regarding the United States Constitution) and a radio host with a worldwide audience, is also a renowned public speaker.  His menu of speeches includes:

  • Constitution 101
  • A Free and Dynamic Economic Market
  • 4 Keys to Understanding the U.S. Constitution
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The Truth about State Sovereignty
  • Abortion: America's Genocide
  • A Republic, Not a Democracy
  • Legislative Powers
  • The President Shall Faithfully Execute
  • Activist Court System: From Judicial Review to Case Law Tyranny
  • Understanding the Language of the Constitution
  • A Well Regulated Militia
  • Testimony: From Death's Bed to America's Constitution Authority
If you would like to hire Douglas for a series of lessons, either based on his book "The Basic Constitution," or the new textbook he authored, "A Promise of American Liberty", then continue reading below:

Constitution Education Seminars and Classes by Douglas V. Gibbs are not mere lectures.  When you attend an event instructed by Douglas V. Gibbs, it is a presentation.  

No matter which presentation you choose, your members will walk away from the event more educated, more informed, and more prepared to fight the good fight for this country using constitutional principles and philosophies - not only because the events are informative, but because they include a firm call to action!

The Founding Fathers battled many of the same challenges we face today.  Subversion of the United States Constitution emerged at the start, but the Framers were problem solvers and activists, and by the 1820s, the nationalists who had a stranglehold on the Federalist Party became a minor foothold in American history.  The pendulum quickly began to swing leftward again, thanks to Justices John Marshall and Joseph Story, the War Between the States, and The progressive Era.  This time, however, the enemy of the Constitution was armed with an even fiercer philosophical weapon: Marxism.

The way back is through education about the U.S. Constitution, and a return to the Judeo-Christian Values that served as the foundation for our new system.  James Madison said, "A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people."

Benjamin Franklin said, "Only a Virtuous Society is Capable of Freedom."

Join me as we take a journey to understanding the founding of the American System, and to learn how to spread constitutional literacy.  It is an urgent message for urgent times.  The time to act is now!